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A little about why you're here

Your employer has subscribed to the SecuritySmart system. This provides you with ongoing training in information security awareness. This will help you to protect your computer, at home and at work, from attacks such as hacking, phishing, viruses, and so on. It'll help you understand how to keep your computer, tablet, smartphone etc protected, and how to ensure that confidential information on your system doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Your employer has paid for this service, so it's completely free for you to use. Just enter your name and your email address in the boxes opposite. Your company email domain (the part after the "@" symbol) will be automatically recognised as permitting you to sign up to SecuritySmart. Once you're signed up, and have replied to the confirmation email we'll send you, you will receive a security tip by email every week, along with a fun mutiple-choice question to confirm your understanding of the topic. You can answer these at your leisure, simply by clicking on an answer in the email.